Pranic Feng Shui

Pranic Feng Shui


For thousands of years the knowledge of the place has been a great part of people’s lives and its significance has been passed on to generations through culture and literature. Just as the quality of water is important to the life of the fish, the energetic environment around us determines the quality of our physical, emotional, spiritual and even financial life.

Pranic Feng Shui enables us to attract and enhance the quality of our life using the universal principles of energy. It is based on the principle of Prana, Chi or Vitality. Pranic Feng Shui is in fact a technology that teaches how to increase energies of success, good health, happiness, prosperity and spirituality through Geomancy or using the energy field of the Earth.

After the workshop you should be able to:

- Know the properties of directions and use the proper direction for prosperity and abundance

- Use the proper direction to increase the spiritual energy of your house

- Understand the effects of certain forms, objects and room formations on the energy of the place

- Use proper pictures to bring joy, success and abundance to your home and work place

- Use special mirrors to increase the prosperity energies of your place

- Know the influences of colors on your system and the proper use of colors based on the function of each place

- Know the solutions to neutralize a bad Feng Shui

Pranic Feng Shui Workshop is designed for people who are interested in designing their house or work place to be in complete harmony with nature and to bring health, wealth, happiness and spirituality. It is highly recommended for architects, interior designers and artists, as well as businessmen, retailors and housewives.

Prerequisite: Pranic Psychotherapy