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Vasileios Kourtis
March 4, 2015

Atma Namaste
I live in Athens, the capital of Greece and a quite crowded and noisy city.
Fortunately, I live and work in the suburbs, so I don't visit the city center often, since that would give me a headache that could last for hours.
Ever since I took GMCKS's Pranic Psychic Self-Defence class, I make an etheric body-fit shield before I enter the subway and have never got those headaches since.
Last month I had to go to the dentist for an extraction. His office is in one of the most central places in the city, so I made the shield to get there.
When we started the operation, the first sign was that I did not even feel the pinch of the needle on my gums. 45 minutes of strugling later, the doctor said that it was impossible for him to move the tooth, even though he was using greater force than he should.
At that point, I realized that the shield was still up and formed the intention to disolve it. Immediately, the doctor said that the tooth was moving and felt it literally popping out.
So, I realized that such protection can be really helpful at times, but might give a little headache to the doctor.
Thank you Master Choa



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