Posted on August 2013
5 Ways to Experience Love
August 28, 2013

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Love comes with different hues and ways and is the one thing that everyone continuously looks for it or at least has searched for, sometime in their life.

Love is that warm cozy feeling that makes you bloom, feel peaceful, protected and happy. When there is love, there is stillness and peace.

The reason we are constantly looking for love is because we are all beings of love! Our nature is to love and to be loved! Love is the food that nurtures our emotions and nourishes our soul.

In fact many of the world’s problems ...

Love Is Where It All Begin…
August 28, 2013


You have probably heard many people say that “love is the key,” but have you ever wondered why?!

The purpose of the key, is to open doors and gateways. So what gateway can love open?!

The gateway that was and continues to be very significant for human from ancient days till now is the gateway between man and God. Many teachers have come, many religions have risen and many teachings have been practiced to allow man rise higher and communicate with the above.

Teachers might be different, but the teachings have been the same!

They have all come ...